Solution 1 :

Simply tried this

<strong> {{name}}</strong>

here {{}} is called string interpolation.

Have a look in angular documentation

This has sample app as well which we surely give you good understanding

Solution 2 :

You can use string interpolation to achieve that…refer this to know more

In your case it would be

 <strong> {{ name }} </strong> 

Problem :

I’m new to coding so I have
<strong> ValueFromTypeScript </strong>
in my html
and I want to pull name from my ts file
name:string = "George";
is this possible?


Comment posted by minimal reproducible example

Yes it is possible, what have you tried. Please share a

Comment posted by ConnorsFan

The property is called

Comment posted by Passionate Coder

oh.. thanks @ConnorsFan.. I did typo error corrected now


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