Solution 1 :

You could you use something like bootstrap.

Put both choices in a row (read bootstrap grid documentation). Also, could use bootstrap styling to change the appearance of choice field.

<div class="row">
  <div class="col"></div>
  <div class="col"></div>

Could also use Django Crispy forms, there’s tutorials online on how to use it.

Problem :

I’m currently working on a Django project and I’m facing a bit of headache. I need to “convert” an HTML page (form) to a proper functioning Django Form App. The problem comes exactly in the ChoiceField (the two choices Manhã and Tarde). On the left, it’s the Django Form HTML output and on the right, there’s the original HTML page. The styling is different and I can’t figure out how I can make them equal. Also, I wanted to make them horizontally aligned, but Django it’s not so flexible as I thought in this matter.

I hope you can give me clear tips and light in this strange darkness, I have a couple of frontend skills but nothing above the average.

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Comment posted by Jacek B Budzynski

Show us your code so we can help you