Solution 1 :

Please Try ,

<input type="text" style="width:500px;height:500px;">

you need to add style for more and more biger input and if you want to add millions of number

Chrome crashes somewhere After 8,000,000….
IE8 crashes somewhere After 8,000,000….
Safari crashes somewhere After 2,000,000….

Problem :

Is there a way to input a million numbers (or higher) into a <input type="text"> without having Chrome crash? My machine has 32GB of RAM so memory shouldn’t be an issue but Chrome slows down heavily. I’ve tried hiding the numbers using CSS but still freezes.


Comment posted by AKX

You’ll probably be better off with an

Comment posted by…

What is your os? I think you need to increase your Chrome memory limit.

Comment posted by John Weisz

What’s your use case? Pasting huge amounts of text? Automation?