Solution 1 :

Simply add white-space: nowrap; to the of the header.

Problem :

So there is a problem with how a header renders on localhost and on production server. The CSS is the same as well as HTML, and both run on linux, or well MacOS VisalStudio and Docker ubuntu. On the localhost the Task Name and subsequent columns are in one line while on the server they are all split at whitespace. Any ideas why?, this is in Chrome, but no matter what browser I user the result is the same.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Comment posted by King King

this means some CSS style is missing after your web is deployed. This involves table style or the one called

Comment posted by Tian Openlab

@KingKing there is only one difference, the width, one is 141px the other is 66px, but it is greyed out, i have no idea, what could be the culprit. Any ideas?

Comment posted by King King

I’m not so sure, you may still miss something. The nature of this issue is just simple, definitely there is some difference in CSS style (from CSS files or applied via javascript). However to pinpoint it in this specific case requires some effort. I’m really blinded here and would give no more guess.