Solution 1 :

You cannot change the behavior of a email client, you have to deal with it. For example style="display: none" is not supported at all on Gmail mobile webmail.

caniemail may help you to find workarounds and alternatives.

Problem :

Almost all email service provider support style=”display: none” property but when we forward the mail from Outlook (windows) and view in gmail style=”display: none” property deleted or vanish. How can I retain display property in Email?


Comment posted by Nathan

Where is the

Comment posted by chandan kumar

Thanks. I have added display:none – inline. After receiving mail it is supporting display: none property almost all ESP. But when I forward same mail from Outlook Windows or Mac and view in Gmail G-suite it remove property of display:none from element.

Comment posted by Nathan

That’s when looking at Gmail on your phone on the browser, not the apps – which do support it. I suspect it’s because Outlook is stripping the


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