Solution 1 :

Ok i found the solution this is because #000000 return rgba(0,0,0,100) which is true black and bad for printing as 100% pure black ink is not available and it also loads printer

What i did is i used #060808 it is called rich black color rgba(75,68,67,90) it makes print perfect and didn’t loads up the printer

Problem :

I am using pdfkit to generate a pdf which has


Everything looks fine on pdf digitally but on print black fades

I know pure black is not good for printing , so my question is

which black color hex code suits best for pritner?

Found this article useful but don’t know how to use it in css. It also explains my problem


Comment posted by demkovych

just reverse a colours. No one will print your PDF with solid background cause it’s too expensive.

Comment posted by Karan Goyal

Its mandatory cost is not a matter , what matter is black color fades and looks like dull grey

Comment posted by demkovych

The problem with printer settings. What printer you used?

Comment posted by Sebastian Simon


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@user4642212 check this article and also a video behind it


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