Solution 1 :

If the iFrame has a name, it is a named window and you can target it by name:


Problem :

My website has an iframe with a form inside it. What I need is that when the form gets submitted, its target is another iframe, on the parent page. So my setup is basically this:

    <iframe name="iframe1"></iframe>
    <iframe name="iframe2"></iframe>

So i’m looking for something like this: <form action="processor.php" target="parent:iframe2">

I am not sure how to do this, help will be much appriciated :). Thank you!


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another question is: “Why iframes” ?

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you can just redirect to the send iframe’s url from the php file itseld using header(“Location :

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@mplungjan Thank you, it works! I’m quite confused as to why it does, though…

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It is a named window so it should work the same as if you had a named popup