Solution 1 :

It would be something like that:

<h2 id="listas">&#9829; listas</h2>

You can check the HTML entity in pages like this one


Solution 2 :


Solution 3 :

You can enter any Unicode character using it’s hex scalar value in a character entity reference

<h2 id="listas">&#x2665;</h2>

That will display as ♥

The other answers were similar, but require converting the Unicode scalar value to decimal. But you can enter it directly in hex.

Problem :

I wanna insert unicode U+2665 in heading of HTML. Thus, I did:

        <h2 id="listas">U+2665 listas</h2>

Unfortunately, this generates the following output when rendered by the browser:

enter image description here

I tried using “and percent” with &U+2665. But it did not work out either.

What should I do to fix this?