Solution 1 :

Add this

import { ViewChild } from "@angular/core";
import { MatSelect } from "@angular/material/select";

and this to your component:

@ViewChild('select') select: MatSelect;

Afterwards you can, if you need it, pass select as a parameter or just remove the parameter and call it directly.

Solution 2 :

set elementref for element top of constructor then set the same name in your template #name with your elementref name.

Problem :

I am setting css style using custom code when user opens mat-select. But it returns undefined error.
In console, when I print and check element values, could see panel:undefined.
Can someone please let me know How to get the panel value.

Error: Cannot read property 'nativeElement' of undefined


<mat-select #select (openedChange)="changeHeight($event,select)">


import { Component, OnInit, Inject, Renderer2, ElementRef } from '@angular/core';

constructor(private renderer:Renderer2){}

    if (event)

      const height = window.innerHeight|| 



Comment posted by Eliseo

what is the version on @angular/material?

Comment posted by Tech Learner

@Eliseo – Version 7. “@angular/material”: “^7.2.3”,

Comment posted by

Sorry, I thought that could be a problem with the version, but, in this

Comment posted by Tech Learner

@Eliseo, Could you please tell me if I can use same logic for multiple mat-select. Currently I am using same code for multiple mat-select. This could be the possible reason for error.

Comment posted by…

if the mat-select are in a *ngFor, there’re NO confussion, else you need give differents “template reference variable” to each one, e.g. use #select1, #select2,#select3.. and (openedChange)=”changeHeight($event,select1)”, (openedChange)=”changeHeight($event,select2)”, (openedChange)=”changeHeight($event,select3)”.. BTW, why not use a directive as I indicate in the second part of the answer in


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