Solution 1 :

The comments correctly pointed out that these elements are largely redundant now – however, as I said, I am not in control of the elements themselves.

So I could have used js to change the elements themselves, however, I thought that was perhaps a bit over the top. I have also had issues with that – accessibility validation tools (like total validator) will tend to read the original source, and can flag up errors on the initial rather than the unmodified code.

I just refined the css itself, from




It still seems to me that this is slightly unusual behaviour from firefox, but perhaps it is just me.

Problem :

Given the html

input {
  color: blue

input:read-only {
  color: red

input:-moz-read-only {
  color: red
<input type="text" value="normal">
<input type="button" value="normal">
<input type="text" readonly="true" value="readonly">
<input type="button" readonly value="readonly">

Firefox (77 and 78 i have tested) shows the elements as:

blue, red, red, red (not-readonly, readonly, readonly, readonly)

Chrome and edgium show:

blue, blue, red, blue (not, not, readonly, not).

Mozilla ( say

Note: Only text controls can be made read-only, since for other controls (such as checkboxes and buttons) there is no useful distinction between being read-only and being disabled, so the readonly attribute does not apply.

Yet, firefox clearly interprets all inputs with a type of button as being readonly (at least for the CSS).

Is this correct? Chrome acts as I would have expected firefox to based on the mozilla page – the readonly attribute, even if applied, is ignored.

I am having a css issue which I dare say I can fix by specifying types in the CSS, but I am not sure if this is a firefox bug, or quirk.


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Is there a reason you’re using

Comment posted by Dai

“I am not sure if this is a firefox bug, or quirk.” – my money’s on it being a quirk caused by the HTML+CSS specification being imprecise on this. That said, no-one should be using

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FWIW, Safari acts the same as Firefox…

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Yes indeed – should of course be

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Same result for