Solution 1 :

That is a feature of chrome. see

Also, everything appearing in the urlpath after the #.(“search”) does not travel to the server, and it can only be parsed by either the browser (for special values, such as the one you discovered, or for anchors or id’ed elements), or by in-page script (e.g. you can choose to display different content for different search values).

Problem :

A web url of the form someUrl#:~:text=abc%20def will highlight in yellow the words abc def on the page, at least in Chrome. For example: but not

Where can I find documentation on this? This does not seem to work in Edge.

When is the highlight applied in the page’s life cycle? I find that sometimes text rendered much later by Ajax calls are highlighted?


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I’m in favor of Hari’s answer and you can find more information about this feature

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Your link is more specific. Hari’s link wasn’t specifying