Solution 1 :

First of all bootstrap 4.3 does have the following positioning css for class position-absolute

.position-absolute {
    position: absolute!important


Still, If you are facing issues positioning elements using bootstrap, I recommend using flexbox. It is much cleaner and easier to use.

You will find the complete guide here.

Problem :

enter image description hereI am converting files with Bootstrap 4.0 CSS to Bootstrap 4.3 CSS.

I have a price section that contains 3 pricing panels. One of which has an image with a position absolute class and pixel positioning classes - l-100 t-25.

<img class="position-absolute l-100 t-25 centered" src="images/gallery/primary.png">

Bootstrap 4.3 has .position-fixed with .fixed-top or .fixed-bottom but .position-absolute seems not to have any positioning CSS.

I have looked through the Bootstrap 4.3 website and all over google and can not find a class to replace the old positioning, short of creating a specific style myself. Can anyone help?

Please see image of price panel with graphic in position on the right-hand side


Comment posted by char

yes I know there is .position-absolute in 4.3, you haven’t understood my question. Its seems you can no longer position an item in the exact position without creating a style independent of Bootstrap 4.3. As I said I can code left and top (eg. l-100 t-25) in 4.0 but not in 4.3

Comment posted by Deepak Terse

why do you want to use bootstrap if you can use flex

Comment posted by char

my understanding is that you can’t position an image precisely with flex in the manner I want. I want to position an image over the top of a div eg position-absolute; top:20px: right: -20px – I have added a layout of what I mean