Solution 1 :

Maybe try parsing the telephone number in the NNN-NNN-NNNN format? Also, you number is 11 digits, not 10.

Not sure, but try it both with and without the hashtags (#) at the ends.

So something like this:


Tried it using w3schools, worked.

Problem :

I’m working on a Vue app progressive-web-apps and I have a specific tel syntax like


but when I click on the link, it opens the phone dial pad with only the # character showing.

I tried to encode the uri with encodeURI("tel:#000*01010101#") but same thing. also the %23 which corresponds to # character and same thing with ascii

tried solution :

phone screenshot:

enter image description here


Comment posted by we_are_unlimited

thanks for your answer but don’t it resolve my issue it’s not only a phone number but a complete phone operator syntax who perform aGSM operation so it’s necessary to me to include the # character and that at the start and at the end.