Solution 1 :

Meaning of transform: translate(-50%,-50%) is :-

-move me leftwards by 50% of my width, along the x-axis, and

-move me upwards by 50% of my height, along the y-axis

hence this will not zoom the image from the center, for that scale is enough

Problem :

I am using scale to enlarge an element on hover, and it was working fine until I added transform:translate(-50%,-50%); . Then it started to scale the element from the bottom right, not from the center.
Here is my code:


  transform:scale(1.2) translate(-50%,-50%);


Comment posted by s0xzwasd

Hi, can you show code snippet or sandbox (jsfiddle, codepen)?

Comment posted by HoneyPoop

Ive been working with an HTML file, but I could send you a video of it if thats possible

Comment posted by Paulie_D

move the

Comment posted by HoneyPoop

Yes, worked, thanks!

Comment posted by HoneyPoop

If I just do transform:scale(1.2);, the element will move left and downward when I hover over it.

Comment posted by HoneyPoop

So adding the transform translate does help, but it still looks a bit weird.

Comment posted by VR7

if possible upload the full code and remove translate command from .skyimage also

Comment posted by HoneyPoop

the full code is over 300 lines


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