Solution 1 :

You can use this CSS to reduce the size of the buttons:

CSS <- "
.dataTables_wrapper .dataTables_paginate .paginate_button {
  min-width: 0.5em !important; 
  padding: 0.1em .5em !important;

ui <- fluidPage(

To remove the words “previous”, “next”, “first”, “last”, you can do:

datatable(mydataframe, options = 
              language = list(
                paginate = list(first="", last="", previous="", `next`="")

Problem :

I’m trying to achieve the following goal. I have this code to display a dataTableOutput:

                                       dataTableOutput(outputId="table01", width = '80px')))

and this is the code that defines the visual settings:

output$table01 <- DT::renderDataTable({  
  list_var <- get_mp_data()
  df <- list_var[[3]]
        df <- data.frame()
        upcolor = "lightblue"
        downcolor = "lightblue"
        col_name = "CHG"
        df <- datatable(df
                        , rownames = FALSE 
                        , caption = paste0("Pre/Post Duration")
                        , filter = 'none'
                        , options = list(scrollX = F,
                                        autoWidth = T
                                        ,pageLength = 10 # this determines how many rows we want to see per page
                                        , info = FALSE #  this will hide the "Showing 1 of 2..." at the bottom of the table -->
                                        ,searching = FALSE  # this removes the search box  ->
                                        ,columnDefs = list(list(width = '4', targets = c(3) ) 
                                                           ,list(width = '4', targets = c(2) )
                                                           )   # careful, column counting STARTS FROM 0 !!!!
                                        )) %>% 
                          #background = styleColorBar(range(df[, c(col_name)]), 'lightblue'),
                          background = color_from_middle(df[, c(col_name)] , downcolor,   upcolor),
                          backgroundSize = '98% 88%',
                          backgroundRepeat = 'no-repeat',
                          backgroundPosition = 'center')

This table is almost perfect, but as you can see from my screenshot, the pagination box(es) on the lower hand side of the table are taking a ton of space for no reason.
Is there a way to have the “1” box much smaller? and is there a way to hide the “Previous” “Next” words?
Many thanksenter image description here


Comment posted by Rolando Tamayo

It should be accomplished using css. Something like this:

Comment posted by Rolando Tamayo

Another alternative is to add to the list of options

Comment posted by Angelo

That works perfectly, thank you! By the way, would you also know how to hide the words “Previous” and “”Next” and just live the numbered boxed below the table?

Comment posted by Angelo

Actually, please ignore my last question. I found out I can add “pagingType = “numbers” inside the options = list() and that does the trick. Much appreciated your support Stephane