Solution 1 :

I had to pass Cc in headers as follows:

headers = {'Cc': ','.join(cc_list)}

Problem :

I am using EmailMessage class to send mail, but I am getting the following issue:

People marked in Cc receiving mails as bcc

The minimal code to reproduce the result is as follows:

def send_mails(subject, html_message, sender_mail, recipient_list, bcc_list, cc_list, reply_to):
    headers = {'Cc': cc_list}
    email = EmailMessage(subject, html_message, sender_mail,
                         recipient_list, bcc_list, reply_to=reply_to, headers=headers)

    email.content_subtype = 'html'
send_mails(['subject'], html_message,['sender_mail'],
from django.template import loader

html_message = loader.render_to_string(
        'bgcolor': bgcolor,
        'bg_img': bg_img


Also, how to handle if I don’t get some fields like cc, bcc in some request?

Any help is highly appreciated.