Solution 1 :

You will need to use javascript to do that. But you will probably run in to problems like wanting the layout to change depending on the node size. I would recommend using a popup when inspecting the node details though you probably still need to use javascript

Problem :

I created a graph through Graphviz.
The weights on the edges are table of links. I want this table to be expandable/collapsible by click or mouse hover.
I created this graph and tables the following way(* In this example exist a table only on one edge.):

digraph prof {
    ratio = fill;
    node [style=filled, fillcolor=lightblue];
    <tr><td href="">Google</td></tr>
    <tr><td href="">bing</td></tr>


So, how can I make this table collapsible/expandable?


Comment posted by Progman

What do you mean by click or mouse hover? What target medium have you choose for the graphviz output? As an example, a simple image cannot have “clicks” or “mouse hover events”.

Comment posted by Oded Ben Noon

The output file is SVG. In the above implementation I can see a table with links. Can I make this table collapsible/expandable or it can’t be done with SVG files?

Comment posted by Oded Ben Noon

Actually yes. thank you