Solution 1 :

You can call a function in JavaScript with which you can change the z-index of the popup.
Something like this:

<button onclick="popup()" value="open popup">

Also make the popup. I am just making a rough one:

<div id="popup" style="z-index:1000; position: absolute;">Some code</div>

Remember to set the z-index at behind and the position. Then for JS i will make it simple in case you can’t code JS

function popup(){
document.getElementById("popup").style.zIndex=-1;//basically changing the popup's z-index

This will just change the z-index of the popup which you must create yourself

Problem :

Edit: Stackoverflow modify automatically the Amazon links when you click, so for see the popup, select, copy and paste the URLs in the browser.

On Amazon there is a link to open directly a side popup, like this: (#aod open the popup)

where We can enter some filters. I tried different ways with no success to generate a link that open directly the site popup with new filter pre-applied.

So i need a link that open this page with “new filter” pre-applied:

enter image description here

I tried different solutions, but don’t work, for example:

I see some informations on source page, maybe that help:

enter image description here

Question: Is there a way to create a link that open directly the side popup with new filter pre-applied? Maybe adding some parameters to the URL.


Comment posted by hermes_44

Thanks Shiven Dhir, but this is not what i asked. I only need a link URL that open directly the side popup with new filter pre-applied

Comment posted by Shiven Dhir

I am sorry I was unable to answer your question but I do have a second suggestion: Maybe if you also add the tag of PHP and JavaScript you might get help