Solution 1 :

I was able to find an answer to this which was more simple than I thought:

{{cars.length}} will show the sum of the number of objects in the array.

Problem :

I have the following simple handlebarsjs email HTML template:

<script id="emailTemplate" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
       Hi {{name }} , you have submitted {{ SUM_OF_ARRAY_OBJECTS}} cars. Thanks.

With the json content:

  "name": "john",
  "cars": [
      "registration": "stubReg1",
      "year": "1995"
      "registration": "stubReg2",
      "year": "2000"
      "registration": "stubReg3",
      "year": "2010"
      "registration": "stubReg4",
      "year": "2016"

How can I display the total number of array objects in the SUM_OF_ARRAY_OBJECTS placeholder using handlebars? i.e. 4 in this example.


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