Solution 1 :

you can use the custom HTML tag like <!-- split --> between backend product description editor and then separate the content over product page easily using liquid code filters.

{% assign productDes = product.description | split:'<!-- split -->' %}
{% assign productDesPart1 = productDes[0] %}
{% assign productDesPart2 = productDes[1] %}

you can use the first]and last array filters first to get the values, but it works when there is a single <!-- split --> is used.

{% assign productDesPart1 = product.description | split:'<!-- split -->' | first %}
{% assign productDesPart2 = product.description | split:'<!-- split -->' | last %}

you can use something like this, but careful with the HTML tag into the backend editor and liquid code are some otherwise is not works.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Problem :

can anyone offer assistance on how I can alter a product page with individual tabs at the bottom (full description, delivery, returns info) In this case (size chart) is what i’m implementing. I need to get text from my product description which houses the size chart at the bottom of the description’s paragraph.

presume i will need to use some type of html tag on my product description editor to signal where to split the text like a “!– split –>” move. but i also need to add something into my custom tabs div? which is below

        {% if section.settings.product_customtabs_1 %}       
        <div id="collapse-tab3" class="tab-pane fade">
          {% include 'display_product_detail_description' %}
          {% if settings.enable_multilang %}
          <div class="lang1">{{ section.settings.product_customtabs_content_1 | split: '|' | first }}</div>
          <div class="lang2">{{ section.settings.product_customtabs_content_1 | split: '|' | last   }}</div>
          {% else %}
          {{ section.settings.product_customtabs_content_1 | split: '|' | first  }}
          {% endif %}
        {% endif %}

am i going about this all wrong?


Comment posted by Junior

I understand the theory you mentioned but when i put it into the div it doesnt get any content from my product description . do you think it is because my product description isn’t necessarily defined in this custom theme?

Comment posted by Onkar

no issues where you put it, but you need to always aware of the HMTL tag structure, are you using it with product description or custom HTML inputs into the backend? I think it works in both cases, just need to change the code according to it.