Solution 1 :

You need to use hidden-md along with visible-lg

check Responsive Utilities section for more detail

Solution 2 :

Add visible-lg-inline to the span. then it will be visible only in large screens.

<h1> Web Design is Awesome!!!<span class="visible-lg-inline">(I Guess...)</span></h1>

Problem :

<h1> Web Design is Awesome!!!<span class="visible-lg">(I Guess...)</span></h1>

“I guess” shows up in all screen sizes. I want it to show only on large screens. Can anyone help me.


Comment posted by j08691

What version of Bootstrap?

Comment posted by

Does this help?

Comment posted by Zain Zafar

I believe from the classes that he mentioned in the code, he is using Bootstrap v3.0+ and docs are related to v4.0 which has changed the display classes.


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