Solution 1 :

Shift + Search + Down selects the next item on a Chrome Book, on everything else it is

Control + Alt + Down

To just start reading from the current cursor position it is

Control + Alt + r

You may find this page more useful for shortcuts on ChromeVOX, wherever it says Launcher or Shift + Search you just use Control + Alt on anything other than a ChromeBook.

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Problem :

I am testing a site for accessibility using ChromeVOX and I notice that the <p> tag content does not get read. When I tab through the main content, ChromeVOX simply skips over the <p> and reads the <h#> tags, and links.

I have watched the video: and at this section, the narrator skips to the first <h1> and then mentions a hotkey that will just let the screenreader continue to read all the text. However, narrator does not mention what that hotkey is.

I have looked at the ChromeVOX keyboard shortcuts, but I cannot find that one:

Also, here is a link to a site to see how screen-readers work:

When I navigate that site with ChromeVOX, it also does not read anything except for the <h1> tag.

So, what is the keyboard shortcut or method to read the content in the <p> tags or role="main" tag? Is there an aria tag that would include those paragraphs? As far as I can see, this behaviour is common across all sites.


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I posted a comment on the Superuser question since those keybindings didn’t work on MacOS with Chrome browser and ChromeVOX. The only keybinding that seems to work is