Solution 1 :

being Total SEO friendly is the next goal of the flutter team. for now is mostly metadata optimization.

But there is some flutter_package that makes your app more SEO friendly and optimize for web :

Using seo_render library for render text widgets as HTML elements.
Using Semantics widget like this:

  label: 'Counter button',
  hint: 'Press to increase',
  value: '$_counter',
  onTap: () { setState(() { _counter++; }); }
  child: Text(
    style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.display1,


For more information, I suggest that you read this article flutter-seo-friendly

Solution 2 :

Note, use meta tags also note that anything that renders an additional html page for crawers will get you banned form Google search, i.e. using seo render package.

Problem :

I want to build my portfolio with Flutter web, but only thing is load on Inspect page is this:

<flt-glass-pane style="position: absolute; inset: 0px; cursor: default;"></flt-glass-pane>

How can I manage SEO in flutter and make texts also crawlable by search engine spiders?


Comment posted by Darshan

@StephenOstermiller yes

Comment posted by Manish

is there any way to know if this is working or not? except from seo_anaslyser

Comment posted by Mutlu Simsek

How do you know that SEO is the next goal of Flutter team? It is years away. Don’t pump hype.

Comment posted by…

Not to start a flame thread but I’m following SEO and Flutter, I don’t have any source on timeframe or even if it’s a priority. @MutluSimsek, do you have more info here? I don’t know if it’s a) “the next goal” b) years away c) months away or d) never gonna happen. According to Web FAQ (

Comment posted by Mutlu Simsek

“years away” was just a guess from what I understand from SEO issue on github. It is probably b or d. I am more optimistic towards b because google owns both search engine and flutter.