Solution 1 :

You need to use the tooltipValueGetter property and set this in defaultColDef to params.value.

defaultColDef = {
      tooltipValueGetter: (params) => {
        return params.value;


Problem :

As the title says, I am using ag-grid and I want to add default tooltip on every grid in my app. The value of the tooltip should be the same as the value of the cell someone is hovering. I have tried using:

this.gridOptions.defaultColDef = {
 tooltip: (params) => {
  return params.value;

but this doesn’t do anything.

I do not want to add it in columnDefs, because then I would have to do it for every single column. Can anyone help?

Thank you.


Comment posted by ViqMontana

I’m confused, do you want the tooltip to appear when you hover over a cell, or the column header?

Comment posted by ljubomauzer

Sorry, confusing on my part, I want the tooltip to appear when I hover over a cell

Comment posted by…

Aswell, if my explanation is bad, it’s really similar to this question