Solution 1 :

-Direct answer-

Step 1: Make an editable sheet for embedding in your site by following these steps

Step 2: Follow this short guide to know different inline iframe functions to remove the header, sheet1, sheet2, etc Display specific sheet with edit mode in iframe

Step 3: Add a custom range like you want A1:C1 then add the formula taken from above (step 2 link) range=A1%3AC1

*don’t change this %3A

Step 4: Compile code and get it done like

<iframe height="400" width="100%" src=";single=false&amp;widget=false&amp;headers=false&amp;chrome=false&amp;rangle=A1%3AC1"> </iframe>

Replace scr=…[Link]…. ? With your link, it will work fine, but only if you are looking to publish all workbook, if you want to publish only one sheet then the link will be a little different and “true” will come on the place of single=false&amp

Problem :

I want to embed my google sheet into a web page

Click here to go to Google sheet

I want only to embed the cells C5:D6 as follow (without any other blank cells, the menu,header,sheet toggle at the bottom);
Image 1

as the cells are data validations with a dropdown cell,it should be able to edit after the embeding

therefore my Embeding should be
Editable &
Cropped to the specific cells