Solution 1 :

There is no regex in Shopify liquid, so there is no way to check it that way.

A better approach will be to use one of the color filters.

You can do something like this:

{% assign is_color = bg_color | color_to_rgb  %}
{% if is_color %}
  It's color
{% endif %}

Where if the color is valid it will return a rgb output, but if it’s not it will return a null result making the variable false.

If you really need to use regex, the only option is to rely on Javascript and handle it once the DOM is ready.

Solution 2 :

What about create your own filter. And in this filter checking hexadecimal.


Problem :

Desired result

Content editors can enter hexadecimal values in Shopify for a background-color. How can you check with Liquid template’s control flow if a given input is a valid hexadecimal?

The regex that needs to be implemented:


The Liquid snippet where it should be added:

<div class="a-module" style="background-color: {{ bg_color }};">

The variable bg_color may only be a hexadecimal including the pound # character.

How can above be achieved with regex?

Other solutions?

If this is not possible what are other methods to match a string in liquid templates?


I could not find much about regex in liquid templates.

There is this issue: Regex for matching a tag in a Liquid template : “>” inside html tag

But I do not understand how it is to be implemented.


Comment posted by Bogdan

I hope it will help you in future. Because custom filters are very helpful in project.


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