Solution 1 :

I went for Method 2 by Kendo grid in Stackoverflow solution. The First solution by kendo window cannot restrict the height, since it show the white spaces. We can change the scrollable property of the Kendo splitter pane by setting [scrollable]=”false”.

Problem :

I have a Kendo grid , which is to be resized like Kendo-window but there are some documents telling about column resizing by the below commands – [resizable] and [minResizableWidth], For example:-

<kendo-grid [kendoGridBinding]="gridData" [resizable]="true" style="height: 300px">

<kendo-grid-column-group title="Product Info">


Is there any commands like [minResizableWidth] to tag <kendo-grid>?

I tried with Kendo-panes and Kendo windows ( output by Kendo windows is given in this link and Stackblitz code is given in , but not satisfied with outputs.

Expected Output: Resizable KendoGrid whose width and height must be controlled by dragging the mouse button.


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You can try

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@Aditya Still same effect..