Solution 1 :

The issue you are having is very likely due to your image not being in the correct location from where your img is expecting it to be.

I would say take the image from your desktop and place it in a folder, maybe called site. Then put your HTML file and image file in the same site folder and load your page again. Then your path mapping should be accurate and your image will render.

I say it is your path mapping because rendering your HTML link using an online image works just fine.

<a href="" target="_blank"> <img src="" alt="website" width="100"></a>

Solution 2 :

Surely this is to do with having no file or folder structure. Your image and web page must be detailed relatively to each other.

<img src="  path to the image from the web page location   ">

If your web page has a folder with it called images and inside it are all your…. images.

The path will be


Read about file structure. To begin with, put your web page inside a folder of it’s own and also in that folder create an images folder.

Solution 3 :

I suspect the path does not match the location of the image you saved. the whole tutorial is on here .

for the example, you saved your image in path images , so you should should type it like this:

<img src="/images/th.jfif.jpeg">

and don’t forget to write down the image file extension clearly. hope its help

Problem :


<a href="" target=_main> <img src="th.jfif" alt="website" width="100"></a>

Why am I not able to see any image here to open amazon?
NOTE: image is saved as th.jfif on my desktop and not in any folder

was expecting to see the image


Comment posted by Cutey from Cute Code

Is your webpage also on your desktop?

Comment posted by j08691

I’d bet the path to the image isn’t correct. You should familiarize yourself with your browser’s debugging tools now.