Solution 1 :

use values and keyTimes.


<animate attributeType="CSS" attributeName="visibility" values="hidden;visible;hidden" keyTimes="0;0.4;0.6" dur="2s" repeatCount="indefinite"/>

Problem :

i am trying to perform some animation operation on svg but i am not able to get the outcome i want is there any way to add morethen one value on

<animate attributeType="CSS" attributeName="visibility" from="hidden"  to="hidden" values="hidden;visible;hidden" dur="2s" repeatCount="indefinite"/>

i am giving multiple values in values=”…” but is there any possible way to do same with dur i want every values in diffrent time span can anyone guide me in right direction?


Comment posted by conol

i want to give custom duratom for every value For ex 3 values is there so i want 1st value to take 0.8s 2nd value to take 1.2 s and 3rd one should take 0.1s

Comment posted by conol

it worked can you put it as answers