Solution 1 :

Give a custom className like as .over-flow-scroll to your element and just add css to this class, it’s help you in future if you need again any overflow:scroll feature.

Solution 2 :

Give the <div> you want to have overflow: scroll; to and give it a seperate id which won’t effect the other divs.

Working Example:

Problem :

I am using overflow: scroll property in a CSS class and in case, one div has an overflow the scroll works but the problem is that all the other divs with the same class are being scrolled. How can I fix that?


Comment posted by Vinay Somawat

Poor explanation of problem. Show what you have tried and what problem you’re getting.

Comment posted by Manjuboyz

use a class for the

Comment posted by Ahmed

This did not fix the problem

Comment posted by H.Rafiee

Please send an example or part of your code you are trying