Solution 1 :

Ok,so you do this by using

var value = $("#field").val();

The reason the first approach works is because it returns the HTML element object and you assess its value property.(you can access any property of that element using . operator)

However using jquery returns JQUERY object and since it does not have a value property u can not access it. You need to use jqueries val function.

Solution 2 :

In jquery you use the method val(). It would look like this :

var value2 = $('#field').val();

Problem :


I’m new to web development and tring to understand some basics. To make it short, I have an input like this:

<input type="text" id="field" name="field" placeholder="Write something here...">

On separate file with JS extension I want to get the value from this input. I tried doing so in two ways, one in vanilla JS:

var value = document.getElementById('field').value;

This returns the correct value, and second with jQuery:

var value2 = $('#field').value;

And getting an ‘undefined” from the second.

Why is this so?


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Lol, ofc I have it, and it’s the first script loaded

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jQuery 101, read documentation

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All right, this one works! But why just normal

Comment posted by shim-kun

It’s because the $ selector will return an jquery object instead of a html element