Solution 1 :

Try to store the data you need with Window.localStorage or sessionStorage and read from it.

Check this:

Problem :

I have a javascript that identifies a change by adding the word “. changed”. When I toggle between pages and go back to a previously shown page the word “. changed” is no longer there.

Is there a global version of this that will keep a set value. I can’t reload the page because (short version) it reads from a database that isn’t ready to be reloaded whilst changes are being made by the user.

This is the javascript

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function doAjax(that){
                type: 'post',
                url: "ajax_update_code.php",
                data: $(that).parent().serialize(),
                var clicked = that,
                imageName ="image");
                newValue = "B" + imageName;
                document.getElementById(newValue).innerHTML = ". Changed";
                    $('input[type="submit"]').each(function() {
                        var self = $(this);
                            if (! {
                                if (self.hasClass("c_on") && imageName =="image"))

Any help greatly appreciated.

You can see the code failing here. This version has two pages that toggle backwards and forwards when you press “other page”.


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Thanks @Budi Salah. I tried but could not get the syntax right. What am I missing?

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