Solution 1 :

(I’m so sorry, I don’t have enough rep to make comments but) The issue could be from anywhere, I recommend you go through this solution and cross-check your code with it. Good luck!

Problem :

I have a textarea which I use in a formGroup:

<form [formGroup]="form">
 <textarea formControlName="area"></textarea>
export class MyComponent implements OnInit {
public form: FormGroup;

 ngOnInit(): void {
  this.form = new FormGroup({
  area: new FormControl(null)

This works functionally, but for some reason the textarea becomes very slow in Firefox, IE and Edge. It works fine in Chrome. If I remove the formControlName the textarea is fine again (but of course does not work).
With slow I mean input lag.

If I isolate this component and put only this on the page, it is fine. So somehting else on the same page must interfere with it, but I have no idea what. The page consists of multiple components but nothing too fancy or complicated.
Validation only occurs when submit is pushed (using (submit)).
The same problem occurs on different pages, but the severity differs.

What can have such an impact that the moment I put on the formControlName there is input lag? Is there a way too measure possible performance issues? I have little experience in this area.


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