Solution 1 :

git config --list shows you all the variables, --show-origin also adds the source of the value.

For example, --list can show


While --show-origin would also include

file:/home/choroba/.gitconfig    core.excludesfile=/home/choroba/.gitignore_global

I.e. the excludesfile is set to the ~/gitignore_global, and the actual setting happens in ~/.gitconfig.

Solution 2 :

It perhaps can be confusing that

git config --show-origin

doesn’t work, instead --show-origin must be used as a modifier together with the --list option like that:

git config --list --show-origin

which then additionally lists the respective sources of the git configuration entries as expected.

Problem :

What is the difference between git config --list and git config --list --show-origin
Please tell.


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What’s unclear in the

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for reference : any git command has an extended documentation, which you can access running

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Perhaps the question should read “Why does