Solution 1 :

I think you could do with a crash course in CSS Selectors my friend.

<p>Your resume can be veiwed, edited or removed below.</p> == $0 is the actual HTML, (and the == $0) is added by Dev Tools to show the currently selected element’s index.

In order to select an element that doesn’t have a dedicated class or id, you will need to select one of it’s ancestors and then select it.

In your specific situation, you could use the following:

#resume-manager-candidate-dashboard > p {
    display: none;

What that does is selects the element with the id="resume-manager-candidate-dashboard", then selects any p elements that are direct children, using the > Direct Child Combinator. I did this, because you could have a p in your table that just #resume-manager-candidate-dashboard p would also select.

Solution 2 :

You need to learn about how the work of Class and id 🙂

Now i’m come your real question, According to your image you need to set this property in your css file

#resume-manager-candidate-dashboard>p:nth-child(1) {
    display: none;

Hope it will help you. 🙂

Let me know if you have any further clarification.

Solution 3 :

Add this css in your code the text hide automatically

  visibility: hidden;

Problem :

I wanted to hide some text on my wesbite using CSS. I wanted to remove the “Your resume can be viewed, edited or removed below.” text on a users profile page. Please see image below.

When I inspect it, it shows like this:

I wanted to use:

 display: none;

But I am not sure what the selector for this text would be as when I use:

<p>Your resume can be veiwed, edited or removed below.
</p> == $0

I get the following error:

I was just wondering what the correct selector would be as I only wanted to hide this text only?

Thank you


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hey thanks for this. I thought this would be a simple fix but I agree I could do with taking a course when I get a chance. Your solution worked great for me! Thanks again:)

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thank you for this. This also worked great but I used another suggestion which was

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When you add another

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This will hide ALL