Solution 1 :

This is not good for you…

ul {
width: 150px;
Clear this at first.


Problem :

So, I have this sidebar but it won’t work (if you wanna see what i mean, go to and you’ll see. It’s supposed to look like If you wanna see the code, it’s here:, Thank you.


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i cant find width: 150px in ul.. wdym? (sorry i havent slept)

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thats not in the actual code tho..i dont know how to remove that, cause its not in the actual code. this is the actual code:

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wait im so sorry i read stylesheet.css as styles.css, sorry for wasting your time!!

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thats not in the code, thats in devtools but not in the code

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Wow very interesting. I try to use a reset.css file [link]

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i had to do what u said, i just didnt see it at first sorry