Solution 1 :

This means ‘every div that’s a child of flex-item’

> is used to select the element with a specific parent.

Solution 2 :

> symbol isn’t related to flex but it’s part of CSS selector syntax. It is used to select immediate children. Here’s an example:

<div class='first'>
    <div class="second">
        <div class="third">...</div>
    <div class="second">
        <div class="third">...</div>


.first > div {

will only apply to the divs with second class, since third isn’t immediate children of first.

Problem :

Why are we using the “greater than” symbol in CSS when we implement properties of flex and grid? I’ve given a sample code below:

.flex-item > div {}

Help me, please.


Comment posted by Lelio Faieta

It’s a concatenation element. It means that the rule applies to any div inside the element with class flex-item. It’s css wide, not only for flex or grid

Comment posted by Aneesh Edavalath S

Thank you @Akshay kn 😀