Solution 1 :

I can not tell you why and if it is running on macos, since I only got a windows system to test, but I can tell you why it is not running on windows.

So I tested both links provided and couldnĀ“t open the second one. I got the same error described by you. I investigated the other link and watched the networktraffic of the source page. So the reason why you can not access the page is you are missing a headers option in your request.
You need to add the Headeroption 'referer:'

With that option added to a request you can access the ressource behind. For example you can use the following command: curl '' -H 'referer:' --output 0.png

With that command you would get the first PNG file downloaded.

Problem :

I scraped a link and it works perfectly on chrome / safari / firefox at macos getting the ressource but when the same link is used from another operating system like windows or android I get a 404 error in the browser.

An example link would be:

It is part of a m3u8 file, which can be found under:

It has nothing to do with session because it is always available from macos even in private mode or curl.

Anyone has a hint or tip what could be causing that?


Comment posted by DieWahrheitSiegt

Thanks aaalloott! I am now able to access the ressources… Big step forward


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