Solution 1 :

What you are asking brother can by achieved via CSS Media-Queries. But, for that you will be required to know the screen-resolution of your client. After that for that particular screen you might write media query and fix your UI.


@media only screen and (min-width: 1440px) { 

  //Write your CSS fixes here


But, say the issue is only because your client is stubborn and he wants to set the default zoom size to 125% or 150% only and then visit your website. In that case you will have to add javascript on landing your page: = 1.0

By jQuery your might write it as:

$(document).ready(function(){ = 1.0

Or, you might use:

var scale = ‘scale(1)’; =  scale;    // Chrome, Opera, Safari =   scale;       // IE 9 = scale;     // General

For further research, check this out:

Force page zoom at 100% with JS

Hope, this helps!

Problem :

I have a client who is using Windows 10 and by default it scale the screen to 125%, so when he tries to surf in my website he can’t see the PC version unless he change it manually in Windows. Is there any chance of fixing it from code? Thank you!


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Also, you are a

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“But, say the issue is only because your client is stubborn”

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@CBroe – Yep, that can be a reason. Agree!

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@CBroe yep, apparently I’m also “stubborn” for wanting to