Solution 1 :

i hope that one of this is helpful

var options = {};
var player = videojs('my-video', options, function onPlayerReady() {
    this.on('ended', function() {
        //do something here...


var player = document.getElementById("my-video");
player.addEventListener("ended", function() {
  //do something here...

Solution 2 :

As Jsplayer not worked correctly I used html5 video player and it is fine:-

<video oncontextmenu="return false;" width="100%" height="auto" controls id="player"
controls controlsList="nodownload" poster="{{asset('images/'.$course->id.'.png')}}"
onended="alert('it is worked')">
    <source src="{{asset('promos/'.$course->id.'.mp4')}}" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="{{asset('promos/'.$course->id.'.m4v')}}" type="video/ogg">

Problem :

In Laravel project ,I have video vjs player as in this code :

   class="video-js "
   data-setup='{"fluid": true}'
   <source src="{{asset('promos/'.$course->id.'.mp4')}}" />
   <source src="{{asset('promos/'.$course->id.'.mp4')}}" />

I want after the video end of play do and action (add data to server),I did this but don’t work :

    var vid = document.getElementById("my-video");
    vid.onended = function() {
    alert("The video has ended");

How can I solve this?


Comment posted by SM_Berwari

the script is at the below of page

Comment posted by SM_Berwari

I used addEventListener : vid.addEventListener(‘ended’, (event) => { action}; ,but stil don’t work

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I am using this :

Comment posted by wissem chiha

plugin javascript for html video, you can install it via npm

Comment posted by SM_Berwari

is i must install it or using cdn link enough

Comment posted by SM_Berwari

the first code make the video don’t start to play ,and second one don’t work

Comment posted by wissem chiha

yes u can use CDN link, and don’t hesitate to read few docs on how to integrate it in your project, it’s so simple

Comment posted by wissem chiha

i know that’s for event end, that’s what are u want ?