Solution 1 :

For this link – (The issue seems to be from the animations in your footer element, so I’d say use {overflow:hidden} for the footer area to help fix this.

For the second link – I’d say to user overflow:hidden on the id “responsiblity”
so #responsiblity{overflow:hidden}

Problem :

I just made a website using both materializecss and bootstrap platform.(I know this is a bad idea, but worked for me)
I have a problem on mobile view. when I reduce the viewport, it seems a margin shows up aside the whole body part and I have no idea what is this about!
I give 2 screenshots and the website addresses to look it up.
* if you explain what parts of code you need to look, I present it.
example screenshot 1
and this example screenshot 2.
here are the website addresses: and


Comment posted by Mahdi

actually it worked! just in one example( there is still a bit margin, but the main problem solved. thank you very much. can I ask you how did you understand the problem?

Comment posted by Marvellous Michaels Ubani

Glad it helped. I had to look at the layout, I noticed some changes as I scrolled down and noted it happened exactly when the animations faded in, I figured you would need to hide the overflow then.


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