Solution 1 :

Assuming that your modal already contains a select box in a .number div with several options in it then the following would add the extra option into it, generated from the data object:

$('.number select').append(`<option value="${data.number}">${data.number}"</option>`);

Problem :

back again! been a while.
So this is my question.

I have a datatable set up that gets the information from the database and shows this in a modal (bootstrap4).
That works fine by the way, but now I wan’t to add a dropdown option.
This dropdown needs to have information that is stored in the database (just one table with all the rows).

            $('.modal-title').html("<i class='edit'></i> Edit ");

as you can see I tried to do this little trick but sadly it didn’t take so I was wondering if something like this is even possible?

Thanks so much for the help/info.