Solution 1 :

Two ways to do this (off the top of my head):

  1. You need a database and a server. Then one page can change values in the database and the other can check those values.

  2. You use one page to download and use files from another (eg. an image). This isn’t very interactive though as it can’t take any information that didn’t exist on page load.

Problem :

Bit of a weird question: let’s say I have two pages, so two index.html files, each with their content and js scripts, nothing fancy. I would like to be able to open them both on different tabs and then, for example, click a button on page1 and have something happen as a result in page2. Can this be done?


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You need SignalR (

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look up websockets

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This question has been answered here. Take a look to

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I think I managed to do what I need using window.postMessage(), I’ll try using that