Solution 1 :

The way rendering works, you can’t blur a parent without blurring a child. Rendering is done as a tree, with caching the entire way.

What you can do is blur all children except one:

#items:hover * {
  filter: blur(3px);

#items:hover *:hover {
  filter: none;
<div id="items">

Solution 2 :

Here is an example in JavaScript that will blur everything except the image that was clicked on. If you click in the <section> on something other than the image, it will all come back into focus.

const sectionClick = (e) => {
  const clickedOn =;
  const textWrapper = document.querySelector('.textWrapper');
  const cardWrapper = document.querySelector('.cardWrapper');
  const allCards = cardWrapper.children;

  if (clickedOn.parentElement === cardWrapper) { = 'blur(10px)';
    for (const element of allCards) {
      clickedOn === element ? = 'none' : = 'blur(10px)'
  } else { = 'none';
    for (const element of allCards) { = 'none';
.section {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  left: 0;
<section class="section" onclick="sectionClick(event)">
  <div class="textWrapper">
    <p> Amet do nulla dolore sit mollit cillum officia eu officia est aliqua eu. Aliqua dolore laborum reprehenderit fugiat aute sunt pariatur cillum qui tempor quis proident elit.</p>
  <div class="cardWrapper">
    <img src="" alt="image placeholder" class="card">
    <img src="" alt="image placeholder" class="card">
    <img src="" alt="image placeholder" class="card">

Problem :

quick question.
I’m trying to blur a whole section on click, but I want a div inside that section to not be blurred with it.

I tried to change the properties of the div with, important and .setProperty with JS, but no luck.

const handleClickCard = e => {
    const $currentCard = e.currentTarget;
    const $cardDiv = document.querySelector('.card1');
    const $bg = document.querySelector('.overleven');

    if ($ === '1') {
      $ = 'initial';
      $ = 'blur(10px)';
      $'filter', 'none', 'important');
<section class="overleven">
    <div class="overleven--wrapper">
      <p class="overleven--info overleven--info--title">Er zijn veel potentiƫle dreigingen tijdens hun trektocht naar het zuiden, dus moeten ze altijd alert blijven.</p>
      <p class="overleven--info overleven--info--subtitle">Klik op een vuurkaart om een bedreiging te onthullen.</p>
    <div class="cards">
      <img data-id="1" src="./assets/longread/card.png" alt="een dreigingskaart" class="card">
      <img data-id="2" src="./assets/longread/card.png" alt="een dreigingskaart" class="card">
      <img data-id="3" src="./assets/longread/card.png" alt="een dreigingskaart" class="card">
  <div class="card1">
  <div class="card2"></div>
  <div class="card3"></div>



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You could do something like