Solution 1 :

MDN states that

The Element.clientWidth property is zero for inline elements and elements with no CSS; otherwise, it’s the inner width of an element in pixels. It includes padding but excludes borders, margins, and vertical scrollbars (if present).

and I see a scrollbar on your screenshot. Maybe that is the reason?

Solution 2 :

Curveball pointed me to the right direction. I am indeed using a custom scrollbar with a width of 10px which is substracted when calling document.documentElement.clientWidth.

/* Scrollbar */
  ::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 10px;

I solved it by using:

window.innerWidth;    // output: 768

Problem :

I try to read the current window width. It is currently set to 768 in chrome developer tools.

enter image description here

But if I call document.documentElement.clientWidth in the console, then I get 758.

Answer to Suggested Answer: No, jquery does not solve it either. If I call $(window).width(); then I also get 758. And if I call $(document).width(); I get 992


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Does this answer your question?

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No, jquery does not solve it either. If I call

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You are right! I have a scrollbar which is exactly 10px wide, this is indeed the reason. Thank you.