Solution 1 :

change your render with arender and session with asession

response = await asession.get(url)
# executando Java-script
await response.html.arender(sleep=1)

Problem :

I’m trying to do a webscraping on youtube to get the information from a video, however it is giving an error and it seems that it is in the renders () of requests_html, code below:

from requests_html import AsyncHTMLSession
import pyppdf.patch_pyppeteer
import pyppeteer

import asyncio
if asyncio.get_event_loop().is_running(): # Only patch if needed (i.e. running in Notebook, Spyder, etc)
    import nest_asyncio
url = ""

session = AsyncHTMLSession()
# inserindo a query e o numero da pagina na url
# enviado requisição para o youtube
response = await session.get(url)
# executando Java-script
await response.html.render(sleep=1)
# renomear o arquivo
link_name ='v=(.*)', link).group(1)
# Salvando arquivo HTML na pasta dados_brutos
with open("./dados_brutos/videos/video_{}.html".format(link_name), 'w+', encoding='utf8') as output:

error description

————————————————————————— AttributeError Traceback (most recent call
last) in async-def-wrapper()
19 # renomear o arquivo
20 link_name =‘v=(.*)’, link).group(1)
—> 21 # Salvando arquivo HTML na pasta dados_brutos
22 with open(“./dados_brutos/videos/video_{}.html”.format(link_name), ‘w+’,
encoding=’utf8′) as output:
23 output.write(response.html.html)
in render(self, retries, script, wait, scrolldown, sleep, reload,
timeout, keep_page)
596 try:
–> 598 content, result, page = self.session.loop.run_until_complete(self._async_render(url=self.url,
script=script, sleep=sleep, wait=wait, content=self.html,
reload=reload, scrolldown=scrolldown, timeout=timeout,
599 except TypeError:
600 pass
in run_until_complete(self, future)
93 raise RuntimeError(
94 ‘Event loop stopped before Future completed.’)
—> 95 return f.result()
96 finally:
97 events._set_running_loop(old_running_loop) in
176 self.__log_traceback = False
177 if self._exception is not None:
–> 178 raise self._exception
179 return self._result
180 in
__step(failed resolving arguments)
221 # We use the send method directly, because coroutines
222 # don’t have __iter__ and __next__ methods.
–> 223 result = coro.send(None)
224 else:
225 result = coro.throw(exc)
in _async_render(self, url, script, scrolldown, sleep, wait, reload,
content, timeout, keep_page)
503 “”” Handle page creation and js rendering. Internal use for render/arender methods. “””
504 try:
–> 505 page = await self.browser.newPage()
507 # Wait before rendering the page, to prevent timeouts.

AttributeError: ‘coroutine’ object has no attribute ‘newPage’

help me run this code


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