Solution 1 :

I’d recommend you to take a look at one of the big frameworks (of course later on when you learnt the basic fundamentals of js), but for now try to href=”/index/something” and on page load check if ‘’ contains the something, if yes show that overview.

Problem :

On my website I have a main page with different overviews. Then there are subpages with information about particular projects. The overviews are not shown by default (when the page is loaded), they must be triggered by a JavaScript function (usually by clicking a button).

However, I don’t know how to link to an overview from a subpage. It’s not enough to link to href="/index", because the overview I want to link to still deserves to be revealed by JavaScript.

I have thought about making a clone page of my main page that shows the overview from the beginning. But this wouldn’t be the right solution. I don’t know much about PHP files, but might it be necessary for this problem?