Solution 1 :

Just looking at this, I think you need to add another parentNode. It seems you are only removing the button right now.

Solution 2 :

Just move this one step further up the hierarchy

function removeItem() {

Solution 3 :

Use remove() so you are not dealing withe child element references

function removeItem() {
  // this.closest('li').remove()

or since you have a reference, just delete it

btn.addEventListener('click', function () { li.remove() })

Problem :

I’m making a to-do list application. I want to delete items by clicking a button attached to the list element, but it only deletes the button and not the entire element. Currently, <li> elements in a <ul> by the following:

function newElement() {
    event.preventDefault(); // stop default redirect

    var li = document.createElement("li"); // create an <li> element

    /* make a text node from the input and put it in the <li> */
    var inputValue = document.getElementById("task").value; // retrieve value of text box
    var t = document.createTextNode(inputValue); // create a text node of the box value
    li.appendChild(t); // put the text node in the single <li>

    /* attach a button to the <li> element that deletes it */
    var btn = document.createElement("BUTTON"); // Create a <button> element
    btn.innerHTML = "X"; // Insert text
    btn.className = "button" // add class name for CSS targeting
    btn.addEventListener('click', removeItem); // add event listener for item deletion

    li.appendChild(btn); // Append <button> to <li> 

    li.addEventListener('click', checkToggle); // add event listener for a click to toggle a strikethrough

    appendItem("list", li); //append the li item to the ul

and the function called by the button’s listener appears as:

function removeItem() {

I want the button to delete the entire <li> node, but it only deletes the button portion of it.


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Please include your html file

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If you use jQuery a great, easy way to do this is to use the

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Oops, didn’t see the one above. I’m new to Stack Overflow.