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When I tried searching for this specific wording I found a lot of related questions on stackoverflow, but not this one. I figured it out from other posts and what I already know, but since I did not find this specific question clearly asked in stackoverflow, I hope this helps someone less experienced find the answer.

You should be looking for the value of the disabled property of the HTML element instead of the attribute.

disabled is both an attribute and a property, but only the property is really useful. You get it in your js like this:

let myElement = document.document.getElementsByTagName('input')[0];
let is_disabled = myElement.disabled;
// true or false

The MDN page on disabled is no help. It only talks about disabled as an attribute. Maybe there is another page in the MDN that I have not found yet that explains it better.

An attribute has to do with HTML. In the code below, class is an attribute:

<input class="the-best"/>

It has a value right there in the HTML. You get the value of an attribute with .getAttribute():

let classNames = myElement.getAttribute('class');
// "the-best"

A property has to do with javascript. In javascript, when you get an element you get an object with a bunch of properties and methods. For example, you can get the inner height of the element like this:

let inner_height = myElement.clientHeight;
// Some number

In HTML, disabled looks like this:

<input disabled/>

You can see disabled in the HTML, but it does not have a value. You can give it a value, like myElement.setAttribute('disabled', 'false'). You’ll get <input disabled="false"> and the element will be disabled. If disabled is in the HTML the element is disabled. If it is not in the HTML then the element is NOT disabled. .getAttribute() will work like this:

// <input disabled/>
let is_disabled = myElement.getAttribute('disabled');
// "" - an empty string
// <input/>
let is_disabled = myElement.getAttribute('disabled');
// null

You can probably still use .getAttribute() if you want since you can check for a string or null, but people sometimes do weird things with their HTML and the “values” of these kinds of attributes (like what I described above).

Problem :

I have an element and I want to find out if it is disabled or not in my javascript. How do I get the value of the disabled attribute of the element?


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