Solution 1 :

I am able to replace <br/> <br> to <p> </p> by the help of jQuery.


<p>blah blah blah<br/>* blah blah blah<br/>* blah blah blah<br/>* blah blah blah</p>
<p>blah blah blah<br>* blah blah blah<br>* blah blah blah<br>* blah blah blah</p>



Here is the link attached

I am not familiar with how blogger works, this is just a jQuery script to convert <br/> tag to <p></p>. Let me know if it solves your problem.

Solution 2 :

Although it would technically be possible, what is the intended purpose? I’m not familiar with Blogger code, but I assume the <br /> tag is intended for element division. What is your reasoning for switching out the <br /> tag for the <p></p> tag?

The <p></p> tag is intended to markup the page with paragraph text. Changing the <br /> tag just to change it will add unnecessary code that has to be rendered.

$(function replaceText(){


Problem :

Look at the source code of a blogger page, I noticed that they look like 2 or 3 of the tag <br/> for each paragraph.

Would it be possible to change it to <p> with some css or script technique?

Searching on these tags I found this article where it says it is not to use it, look

I found this code

br {content: ""; display: block; margin: 1rem 0; }
br :: after {content: "› "; / * content: "" space ignored * /; float: left; margin-right: 0.5rem; }

is it meant to do that?


Comment posted by bron

It is not possible because

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Comment posted by G-Cyrillus

looks like a configuration from a text/content/page editor used in the administration side of the site. see on blogger support/forum if you can/how to modify this

Comment posted by Petr Bodnár

looks like the configuration per post is gone and now the new editor enforces

Comment posted by bron

What if the

Comment posted by resumo

I tried and it didn’t work

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It didn’t work, I’m sorry, I don’t think Blogger lets you do that with scripts. It’s a shame because I believe this harms the site as these codes are unnecessary

Comment posted by resumo

Well I read an article that says not to use this tag in too much. And whenever I use 1

in any article, when I post it is replaced by

3 tags

Comment posted by resumo

It looks like Blogger automatically replaces

tags with

Comment posted by mat335

That makes more sense and is frustrating. If you can upload a JavaScript file or jQuery, you can swap the
tags with

. The only issue is every
tag will have to become

. Are you using the code editor or the wisiwig editor?

Comment posted by resumo

I have at the end of the blogger head tag

Comment posted by mat335

That will pull in the jQuery library. You will need to add a custom script in order to edit the jQuery. If they don’t allow uploading js files, there isn’t any way to edit the javascript.